From the home office and around the fields

In the two parts preceding this article we gained a glimpse of God at work in South Asia through the eyes of Tiqvah. Tiqvah and Jessica left the comforts of her home in NZ to spend five weeks in South Asia; both were a great resource to the Tranzsend team. Below in this final edition of Tiqvah’s experiences, we hear about the fun times she had with our very own Georgia and Daniel.

 “The time spent with Georgia and Daniel was great! It was nice to be able to give a bit of a change of schooling for them. As I was home-schooled and am currently training to be a teacher, it was a great time to step up and be creative. Writing a script for a play, making props and teaching performance techniques was all great fun! I feel that the experience of living in another country and learning another language is truly invaluable to them. There is so much that they can learn that no other child in New Zealand has the opportunity of! Raising goats, learning how to cook, speaking another language! However, this does not mean it is easy being the only two foreign children in a huge mile radius.